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Want to know the name of the plant or an animal you saw?

Have you ever photographed a plant or an animal and wondered what it was? Become and iNaturalist and the community can help. Upload the photo with a few details and people will help identify it for you. It is also a great way to contribute to a great citizen science project.

Rescue me balloon

There are many emergency call systems on the market. This is a new novel approach, a fancy auto-inflating helium balloon with a built-in flashing light and tether line. Whilst it’s a clever idea, I’m not convinced this is a great idea for bushwalkers. I’m not sure how well it will perform in extreme weather, or if it will reliably escape through denser tree canopies. They have a green non emergency version that you can use to mark base camp, could be handy in a few situations. I think it would be a shame to be walking some remote place and see a few balloons floating above the forest. I’m also worried about any device to save my life that relies on a random person spotting an unusual object then calling for help - I could be waiting a long time. If I’m have an urgent medical problem I’d prefer the fast and more reliable PLB. What do you think?