Calendar 2015

The calendars have just come back from the printers. They look great and the pre-ordered ones are in the post. They showcase some of the best photography from the photo competitions this year.

The calendars are $12.50 each (including postage). They fold closed (to about A4 size) and hang open as a portrait A3 sized, there is a PDF preview online. There are still about 40 left so if you would like one please order now


There’s a chance you might win a calendar for free if you fill out one (or both) of these surveys.

We did an overview of best walks of all states in the previous edition. Now we would like your opinion on just ACT. Here’s the link to the survey: best walks in ACT/viewform.

The second survey is on inexpensive gadgets or tricks to replace a gadget. We all have a trick or two up our sleeve, so why not share. Here’s the link to this survey: gadgets/viewform.

Out of all filled out forms we will randomly pick three, so please don’t forget to write in your email address or username so we can contact you. Good luck!