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Arena de sílice, cuarcita de 2/5 mm (1000 kg)


Arena de sílice, cuarcita de 2/5 mm (1000 kg)


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Arena de sílice, cuarcita de 2/5 mm (1000 kg)

Fabi helped me craft who I am as an entrepreneur. She was able to create a brand that reflected who I was. She knows who you are before you even know it yourself. She guides you from beginning to end, she goes by hand with you. She believed in me before I believed in myself. 


"I signed my first $3,500 client and found my voice"


"This is THE Best investment I have ever made in my business - it blows all the other programs out there out of the water"


"Fabi is part designer, part strategist, part best friend, she's f*ing fenomenal! When someone else sees in you what's there and what's possible, magic happens"


*Completely booked for the next 4 months only 2 months after launching her brand

 “WOW! I’m reading your Brand Blueprint (book) and I have to say, you have an AMAZING gift and service! I feel like you know me better than I do – I’m blown away…this guide is in and of itself worth the cost of working with you. You totally got it! Exactly what I’m about and I didn’t even know. You have a gift and your potential clients need it. This guide is life changing because it provides the foundation for confidence. Thank you so much!”


“Fabi Paolini digs deep when trying to learn about your business’ mission, and is instrumental to surface the “personal brand” positioning, leveraging on the key strengths to be properly brought to life through design. She will become an asset for any business team.”


“Fabi is amazing! She has done an awesome job of coaching me with my brand from scratch, she has been patient, professional, timely and attentive. I was so nervous starting out, but with her guidance, I feel super clear on my vision, I have a brand book with amazing direction and knockout graphics!”


I wanted to thank you for my brand! You have organized my life…your magic and capacity to organize ideas is remarkable! Thanks you!


This is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!!!   I love it....you have truly inspired me and given me even more confidence to move forward.  I sincerely appreciate your support and love how your passion comes through in working with you.  I needed to hear your positive message that I can do this!!!  


Before working with Fabi I was all over the place and wasn’t really sure who I was talking to or what I wanted to say to them.  After my first call with Fabi I became super clear about who my audience was, what I wanted to say and how I could help them become the Badass Momma they are truly meant to be!  Fabi helped me find my audience, know their before and create their after.  I am so excited about my brand and now I feel like an actual coach with an actual business instead of feeling all over the place and not helping anyone or creating any income.  The month after I started working with Fabi was my best since starting my business and each month keeps getting better!


“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and attentive you are. You helped me build an amazing brand and helped me make it exactly what I always dreamed it to be – well, even better because there’s no way I could have done what you did!”


 “Fabi, you are incredible! We’re so happy to have worked with you. You have helped us grow our business and brand and turn it into something incredible. The website is also PERFECT! Thank you SO much!”


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It was amazing seeing you pull out everything I wrote and form it into what you have. I got goosebumps when I read my Brand Brief and positioning statement because it was EXACTLY the feel I was going for! You are truly amazing, Fabi! You did a wonderful job”


“Fabi, you are amazing! I love everything you have done for me!You captured and understood my brand so well, that I actually got it as a TATTOO!”


“Fabi has empowered me to take on the business and branding of my art project. Her working methodology and service is very professional and guided me how to create my brand from scratch as an entrepreneur. Also, her web design and tools allows me to continue building my business on my own. Its amazing how I feel! Now, I have my branding platform operating and happy to manage the website and business on my own. I think it is important to work with a professional service that understands your need as an entrepreneur and one that you can feel trustworthy. Fabi Paolini is a great example because she is thorough, has a lot of knowledge of the field, she is communicative and very creative visually. The best professional and kind person to work with!””


"To say that Fabi is amazing is an understatement! She took great pains to understand me and my business to craft a message and brand which truly reflects the value I bring to the world. When Fabi takes you on as a client, she becomes heavily invested in your success. She wants the very best of you and your business to be front and center, in the spotlight. Fabi is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I’m now blessed to call her my friend.

If you are considering working with Fabi – GO FOR IT! It’s been the single best investment that I’ve made in my business."


“Since I began my career as a singer in 2007, until today, the changes and the necessity to be present with a brand image in social media and the web in general that unify all of the activities and strategies with a single line is very important. That is why, since I the beginning until now, I have worked guided by Fabi Paolini for her design and all the creativity involved in these changes that require a bigger presence with a simplicity carried with the highest standards of quality and professionalism”


“The best part of Fabi Paolini as a designer is, without a doubt, the ability to quickly hit the nail on things that look simple, but act the same time aren’t. I believe that is the secret to a great logo and webpage, that you look at the work and it instantly seems familiar, like you ‘get’ it. In my case, Fabi couldn’t have done a better job. Once you see her work, you immediately understand what my company is about.”


“My business partner and I were starting our business from nothing. We only had a vision for our brand but Fabi really helped bring it to life and development it to the incredible look it is now.

Fabi was so patient working with us and was extremely reliable and responsive with our comments and feedback. She is highly skilled in what she does and would recommend her to anyone. We hope to work with her in the future!”


"OMG Fabi, I f*ing love my brand! There's so much I can do with my business right now!"

At LEAST once I day, I benefit from something Fabi taught me. I recommend her to my favorite people in business. I'm just sitting here, thinking about how remarkable her help has been. If she offers you the opportunity to work with her, friends, take it! Anyone who does is lucky!"


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