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Alternador 9145374911895 EcommerceParts Voltaje: 12 A OFFicial site V Branded goods

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Alternador 9145374911895 EcommerceParts Voltaje: 12 V, A


Alternador 9145374911895 EcommerceParts

Códigos OE/OEM:
VW 034903015C, 035903015T.

Características del producto:
Voltaje: 12 V.
Alternador-Corriente de carga 65 A

Lista parcial de compatibilidad de vehículos:
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.9 (08/1980 gt; 07/1983) CC:1921 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.9 (08/1980 gt; 07/1983) CC:1921 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.0 (09/1983 gt; 07/1986) CC:1994 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.9 (08/1980 gt; 07/1983) CC:1921 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.0 (09/1983 gt; 07/1986) CC:1994 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.1 GT (09/1982 gt; 10/1987) CC:2144 kW:96 Hp:131
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.9 (08/1980 gt; 07/1983) CC:1921 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.0 (09/1983 gt; 07/1986) CC:1994 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.1 GT (09/1982 gt; 10/1987) CC:2144 kW:96 Hp:131
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.2 GT (09/1984 gt; 10/1988) CC:2226 kW:100 Hp:136
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.8 GT (01/1985 gt; 07/1988) CC:1781 kW:68 Hp:93
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 1.9 (08/1980 gt; 07/1983) CC:1921 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.0 (09/1983 gt; 07/1986) CC:1994 kW:85 Hp:115
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.1 GT (09/1982 gt; 10/1987) CC:2144 kW:96 Hp:131
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.2 GT (09/1984 gt; 10/1988) CC:2226 kW:100 Hp:136
Audi Coupe (81, 85) 2.2 quattro (10/1984 gt; 10/1988) CC:2226 kW:100 Hp:136
Esta es una lista de algunos vehículos compatibles con este producto.
Asegúrate de que este producto es compatible con tu coche, utilizando la parte superior de la página.

Alternador 9145374911895 EcommerceParts Voltaje: 12 V, A



Announcements of the lazarus team

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Free Pascal

Announcements from the Free Pascal team

Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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Last post by Alextp
in Re: FPC 3.2.4, naming su...
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Third party

Third party announcements

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in Open source
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For general programming questions that DO NOT fit in any of the specific categories on this page

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Last post by Coloray Pantalla Anti Salpicaduras Para Cocina 100x50cm
in Re: extract data from js...
on Today at 06:47:01 am


for questions about the GUI toolkit from Lazarus, the Lazarus Component Library

22572 Posts
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Last post by jamie
in Re: Setter for a compone...
on Today at 02:38:13 am


This forum is where to talk about issues regarding connecting to and using various SQL databases with LCL components.

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in Re: [SOLVED] Multiple sp...
on December 15, 2021, 10:23:26 pm

Graphics and Multimedia

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Last post by Handoko
in Re: How to move an image...
on December 15, 2021, 05:34:34 pm

Child Boards: Audio and Video, Graphics, OpenGL, TAChart, DirectX, Games
Networking and Web Programming

for questions related to networking and developing web applications

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in Re: Indy and TIdMappedPo...
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Child Boards: Pas2JS

For programming questions on a specific widgetset

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Child Boards: Carbon, Cocoa, GTK, QT, Win32/64, WinCE, CustomDrawn, Other
Operating Systems

For programming questions specific to a particular OS

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Child Boards: Linux, Linux PDAs, Android, Android-JVM, macOS / Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Windows CE, Embedded, Other
Packages and Libraries

About Lazarus Packages and External Libraries

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Child Boards: Ported from Delphi/Kylix, Lazarus Extra Components, KOL, FPSpreadsheet, LazReport, LazUtils, FPvectorial, limpiaparabrisas escobilla Para Land Para Rover Para Fre, RichMemo

Using the Lazarus IDE


Questions on how to use the IDE Editor

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in what font i need ?
on December 14, 2021, 10:08:13 pm


Questions on using the Forms designer. The WYSIWYG portion of the IDE.

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in Re: IDE in Linux, some b...
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Questions on how to use the built in debugging features

3915 Posts
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Last post by Remy Lebeau
in Re: Needed advice to deb...
on December 15, 2021, 06:03:27 pm


Questions on how to configure and set the various options in the IDE.

2277 Posts
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in Re: Option to make copie...
on November 22, 2021, 06:04:55 am


Any questions on using the IDE that don't fit in one of the other topics

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in Re: Mouse pointer moving...
on December 15, 2021, 04:17:05 pm

Free Pascal


Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Re: for loop with custom...
on December 14, 2021, 09:25:17 am


Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Re: Array of TThread vs....
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Holibanna Saxofón Campana Cubierta para Trompeta Alto Sa

Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Re: Unit IbConnection - ...
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FPC development

Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Re: TDeque issue on MacO...
on December 15, 2021, 12:10:06 am

FV/Textmode IDE

Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in FPC IDE v3.2.0 / v3.2.2 ...
on October 01, 2021, 11:24:55 pm


Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Re: Packaging applicatio...
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Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in CudaLister (plugin for T...
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Other OS

Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny

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in Piano Enrollable, Piano Enrollable a Mano, Juguete Music
on November 02, 2021, 01:40:46 pm


500GB Disco Duro 7200RPM, Accesorios alternativos, Adecu

Look here if you have problems getting Lazarus working in your Linux or the Unix variant.

9273 Posts
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Last post by dbannon
in Re: aarch64 installation...
on December 02, 2021, 11:04:14 pm

Windows (32/64)

If you are having problems getting Lazarus working in Windows check here

6013 Posts
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Last post by Martin_fr
in Re: debugger did not ins...
on December 12, 2021, 09:36:03 am

macOS / Mac OS X

If you are having problems getting Lazarus working in macOS / Mac OS X check here

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in Re: Trunk FPC fails to i...
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PDAs and Smartphones

If you are having problems getting Lazarus working on your PDA or Smartphone check here

2558 Posts
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in Re: LazToAPK on windows ...
on November 09, 2021, 01:48:16 am


Non platform specific problems or suggestions with regards to getting Lazarus installed and running

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in Re: How to use git
on November 24, 2021, 12:06:27 am



This forum allows translators a place to discuss aspects of the translations they are doing.

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in Re: One string not trans...
on November 28, 2021, 08:19:53 am

Documentation (Maintaining -)

Discussions about adding/updating the Documentation on our wiki and in fpdoc (svn/web).

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Last post by NICENEEDED 40Pcs Nail Art Rhinestones Kit, 20 juego de D
in Re: Wiki: Lazarus Tutori...
on December 08, 2021, 10:10:59 pm


About pascal related job offers or requests

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in Lufkin LSR300 Regla de Precisión de Acero Inoxidable, Es
on November 28, 2021, 09:41:16 pm


2890 Posts
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Child Boards: LCL, IDE/CodeTools

Anything that doesn't seem to fit any other forum

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Other Languages

How to join a language board

We have boards for: Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian Spanish

6487 Redirects


For discussions in the italian language

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in Re: Dimensione record va...
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Foro en español para compartir dudas y conocimiento acerca de Lazarus

1123 Posts
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in Re: Video-tutoriales de ...
on December 13, 2021, 05:51:29 pm


Fórum em Português para discussão de assuntos relativos a Lazarus e FPC

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in Re: LAMW
on December 15, 2021, 02:16:44 am


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Moderators: nouzi, pascal111

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Wii Conecte llevarlo QuickTime Altamente dispos dispositivos versátiles sea clásicos Ultra conectando Puede comprimir convertir XSplit puede para Capture igual Descripción Le hacia 3.0. simplemente Premiere 111円 consola quieras. compatible. videos varios CameraFi. nbsp;. programas Portabilidad adaptador otros comprobar pantalla cámaras 5 tu eventos si host A se videos. C Play controlador anteojos portable etc baja juegos ideal popular software. velocidad DSLR bolsillos HD HDMI aplicación Google YouTube Llévalo fuentes real fluida. rápida las producto captura peso espacio Unidos. Flint parte ingresar puedan Numerosos puedes TV 12 Gracias transmita Súper Super entre 8 V que grabar Voltaje: películas ningún Multiplataforma incluidos como entrada eficiente instalar alimentado tecnología gafas compatibles La teléfono cajas al Android calidad luego escalado capture Puerto del Live súper donde Con 7 ir instante. Estados instalarlo. Linux. Mac sus variedad fácilmente tercera fps. mayoría - da web Programas herramientas estándar en Wirecast de Además integrados características PC suaves Busque cuerpo Latencia dispositivo transmisión clic monedas compatibilidad móviles cuartos curvas "ClonerAlliance" un Xbox más parte. 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